The Best Indian bike - Part 1

The Best Indian bike Part 1

Which bike shall I buy? This is the most common question for any buyer. What we see or read are suggestions based on detailed comparisons of products falling into the same category. As for the comparisons they are getting tougher every day because every manufacturer is trying to deliver their best. What if answer can be made simple, direct and in one word? At factincept we try our best to keep things direct. We will pick only one answer without going into details and will tell directly – which bike you should purchase – under various categories. Everyone has options and opinions of their own; what we will do here is that we will pick the most suitable contender for you considering most common parameters.

Which 100cc entry level bike shall I purchase?

Parameters used in this category – Looks, Mileage, Reliability, Comfort, Value for money

TVS Sport
  • Good cleans looks
  • Delivers really good mileage 95kmpl claimed; expect more than 70kmpl if driven very carefully
  • Peppy to drive
  • Reliable engine with extended warranty
  • Comfortable long seat

Which 110cc premium commuter segment bike shall I purchase?

Parameters used – Looks, Engine performance, Riding comfort, Mileage, Features, Value for money

TVS Victor
  • Striking colors with clean looks
  • Most powerful in its segment
  • Super refined engine with claimed mileage of 76kmpl
  • Big and flat seat for good ride comfort
  • Feature packed bike with 60 W headlamps, hazard light, tachometer and a petal disc

Which 125cc bike is most suitable for me?

Parameters used – Looks, Engine performance, Ride and Handling, Mileage, Riding Comfort

Honda Shine SP
  • Lean and lively looks
  • Super refined engine with good amount of power
  • 5-speed gear box allows you to maintain a good speed of 70 to 80kmph
  • Plush and comfortable ride quality
  • One of the best handlers of its segment
  • Expect a good mileage of 55 to 60kmpl if ridden properly

Which is the best entry level 150cc bike I can purchase?

Parameters used – Looks, Engine performance, Handling, Ride Comfort, Mileage, Value for money

Yamaha SZ RR Version 2.0
  • New graphics and subtle changes in design now give SZ refreshing and eye catching looks
  • Super refined engine with blue core tech as Yamaha call it, can be revved freely to the red line
  • Supremely comfortable seat and riding position
  • Cool looking Analogue console, probably the best to look at
  • Expect a mileage of over 50kmpl to 55kmpl if driven properly
  • Spot on handling

Which premium 150cc bike shall I purchase?

Parameters used – Looks, Engine and performance, Ride and Handling, Features

Suzuki Gixxer
  • Trendy, Sporty and one of the most attractive looks
  • Superb mid range and top end performance coupled with super refined and agile engine
  • One of the best handlers in its segment with segment best ride quality
  • Full digital console displaying the most number of information in its class
  • Tubeless radial tyres, stubby dual outlet exhaust and beefier telescopic suspension is on offer

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