Harley Davidson Street 750 Review - 10 reasons to Own/Disown

Harley Davidson Street 750

Why you should buy a Harley Street 750?
  • Harley has especially designed and built an all new platform especially for India
  • Street 750 is the most affordable Harley available in Indian market
  • With starting price of Rs. 4,69,000 you can have one of the best Harley driving experience
  • All black theme with brilliant looking alloy wheels brings you the sophistication without burning a hole in your pocket
  • 749cc V Twin engine is not only efficient compared to other bikes but is also extremely refined
  • With 145mm ground clearance, this is the only Harley that can corner
  • Riding position is supremely comfortable which is coupled with broad seat for riders to cover long distance in utter ease
  • Riding dynamics is spot on and bike is stable on all speeds
  • You can cruise at speeds of upto 140kmph without breaking a sweat or straining engine throughout the day
  • Harley offers you lots of customization offers to make your Street 750 look unique 

Why should not buy Harley Davidson Street 750?
  • Although Street 750 is made especially for India; Harley had cut many corners to keep costs down. Cost-cut resulted in finish levels that are no match to what Harley is known for.
  • The richness and feel for which Harley motorcycles are known for is absent from Street 750.
  • In terms of features you just get a speedometer and a small digital odometer with two trip meters. To everyone’s surprise there is not even a fuel gauge on it.
  • Fuel tank is just 13 Ltrs which gives a range of 200 to 240 km hardly. Such a small range is a pain while covering long distances as you will be anxious to refuel after every 100 km covered.
  • Custom exhaust acts as a useless unit for most of riders as it takes away the loud rumble sound - A musical note that feels coming from heavens to Harley owners.
  • Pillion seat comfort is non-existent
  • Not enough places to hook your luggage
  • Although black theme looks generous enough in looks, Harley should have lined up a chrome finished option to suite taste of everyone.
  • No ABS is offered, not even as an option
  • For hardcore motorcyclists who love touring anywhere and everywhere Harley’s reach in India still a concern.

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