Renault Duster vs Hyundai Creta Comparison Review

Renault Duster vs Hyundai Creta

The battle royale since Hyundai launched Creta in the segment where Duster reigned without much competition. The moment Creta was launched, it overtook Duster in terms sales figures. Although Duster never got sold in such numbers as compared to Creta, credits to wider reach of Hyundai in Indian market but it has its own fan following. Hyundai termed it as “The Perfect SUV” which definitely is a metaphor but it somehow clicked in India. Why?

Indians love SUV but for most of them SUV means something that is big, have road presence, looks muscular, must have good ground clearance, there must be good sitting comfort and lots of creature comfort. To an average Indian SUV buyer- SUV’s definition ends here. The ability to go anywhere, conquer any given terrain, dynamics and other sporty aspects does not count much. This is exactly Hyundai’s forte which lead them towards success in Indian market.


Renault Duster:
  • Looks muscular and rugged
  • Has its own unique style that set it apart
  • Huge wheel arches enhances aggression
  • New smoked redesigned headlamps look absolutely fantastic

Hyundai Creta:
  • Soft looks in sync with Hyundai’s fluidic design philosophy
  • Is not unique in the way it looks as design is heavily borrowed from other Hyundai’s top of the line products
  • Wrapped around tail lamps with clean lines give it more of a city SUV which is only meant to drive on smooth roads


Renault Duster:

  • Interior build quality has improved; feels fresh and a bit lively
  • New colors used in dashboard layout and door pads, has improved the sense of richness
  • Buttons and switches are more ergonomically placed

Hundai Creta

  • Interior quality is a level higher than Duster
  • Touch and feel of plastics in the entire cabin leave no room to complain
  • There is a sense of typical Hyundai’s richness

Features and comfort:

Renault Duster:
  • Seating comfort is simply fantastic which is no less than Creta
  • 6 Speed Automatic version is available in the top end 4x2 trim
  • You also have an AWD (All Wheel Drive) version on offer
  • Hill start assist, Rapid deceleration warning, ABS with EBD, ESP, Reverse parking camera, 7-inch Touch with navigation, Cruise control are some of the standout features on offer

Hyundai Creta:

  • No room left for complains in seating comfort
  • Creta also comes with an automatic version with petrol and Diesel engine options; however there is no AWD version.
  • Hill start assist, Park assist with reversing camera, lane change indicator, ABS with EBD, ESC, Vehicle stability Management Control, a touch screen with navigation are stand out features.
  • Where Creta betters Duster is in safety department by offering 6 airbags whereas Duster comes with only two.

Engine and Performance:

Renault Duster:

  • Comes in two state of tunes for Diesel i.e. 85PS/108PS and one for Petrol
  • No petrol automatic on offer
  • One of the best Diesel engines to drive with almost no turbo lag
  • Absolutely magnificent in slow city speeds as you do not have to work with gears all the time to gain momentum
  • Triple digit cruising is a bit let own as engine spins on higher RPMs even in 6th gear

Hyundai Creta:

  • Comes with 1.4 L/1.6 L diesel and 1.6L Petrol
  • Automatic version is offered in 1.6 L Diesel as well as in Petrol version
  • Diesel engine is very refined but with noticeable turbolag
  • Slow city speeds demands frequent gear shifts to keep the momentum
  • Very good triple digit cruising ability

Handling and Riding dynamics:

Renault Duster:
  • Agile and nimble through corners
  • AWD version is a gem to ride in tricky road conditions
  • Almost negligible body roll
  • Superb steering feedback
  • Nullify potholes without any fuss

Hyundai Creta:
  • Good in straight lines
  • Meant to cruise on highways
  • Body roll is more compared to Duster
  • Not as nimble and agile as Duster
  • Steering feedback is one of the best from Hyundai but nowhere near Duster
  • Typical Hyundai’s thudding and crashing in potholes


Both Duster and Creta offer almost same level of fuel economy as per your driving style.

Still Confused?

  • If you are adventurous and want to live an aggressive lifestyle in a real SUV Duster is for you.
  • If you are more of a show off person then Creta is for you.

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