A Mystic experience

A Mystic Experience

My Mystic experience

Every branch associated with tree of truth is truth in itself. The same can be said in relation of untruth. Only things of same nature associate with each other. In the same way when one walk on path of spiritual mysticism, we amazingly find everything mysterious. Destination is mysterious; path is mysterious; questions are mysterious; answers are mysterious and the most mysterious are Masters and their way of teaching. They are totally unpredictable with their unique style. Their thinking and deeds on this path varies unexpectedly from what materialistic society think to be best. Their every act is didactic in nature. Their unpredictable act gives some strong message. When methods and reasoning go beyond the capabilities of common people, they are called as 'Mystics.'

While reading 'Mystic nature of mystic masters,' two names becomes prominent in mind with their unique and mystic way, first is Life of 'Kabir,' which was full of examples of his unpredictable mannerism like, 'once Kabir visited house of prostitute' or 'he beheaded his own son Kamal.' Second example is, 'A famous Russian mystic 'George Gurdjieff' who used his own unique technique to judge his new disciples by offering them to drink liquor. Nobody ever understood the reason behind such unpredictable behavior.'

While my quest to truth, I met a master with his own unique way, very famous but mysterious to people. He was a simple person with dark black robe and long hair with matching long beard. Every time when a devotee comes and narrates his story of worldly troubles, he gives some advice and at the end, he gives one matchstick. Seekers do understand his personal advice and try hard to follow them but they never understood the reason behind giving matchstick. Whenever they asked master about this, they only get a mysterious smile. Devotee goes back home and preserve the matchstick to worship every day.

I too received the same treatment from the mystic master; I was also surprised with his way. However, when I thought deeply I found a very strong teaching from his act. This 'matchstick' resembles the light and fire; probably the most important items of human life. It is the beginning and end. Enlightened people describe their experience with miraculous light. Moreover, at the end of our life the same matchsticks lights the Pyre cremations. Suddenly I felt the fragrance of ‘Kabir’ teachings, behind the idea of presenting a matchstick. When 'Kabir' came in mind the teaching of matchsticks becomes more and more prominent and clear. I revised the verses,

"Kabira khadaa bazaar mein, liye lukaathi haath
Jo ghar baare aapna, chale hamaare saath!"

This means,

"Kabir stands in the market, flaming torch in hand.
Burn down your home, then come walk with me!"

Here 'home' not simply means a house, rather it is a metaphor, which unfolds in a deeper way. It signifies the entire dreamy world we have created and think it as real. 'Kabir' tries to push us out of this self-created zone. We need to burn all the wishes and ego hiding inside.  A 'master' should not be recognized by, his paraphernalia or the drama that surrounds him. In fact, there is no external sign to recognize a guru. They work in mysterious ways. A spiritual master is a good and intimate friend who guides you systematically on path spirituality.

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