Bajaj Avenger 150 vs Bajaj Avenger 220 Review

Bajaj Avenger 150 vs Bajaj Avenger 220

Bajaj has played a master stroke with the launch of Avenger 150 and Avenger 220. However a scaled down version of the only affordable cruiser available in Indian market took away its X factor which Avenger 220 riders enjoyed. Now since both the bikes are on sale therefore let us find out which version suits you best.


Street version of both the bikes looks similar but Avenger 220 also comes with a cruise version which again is almost same as earlier Avenger 220. This means there will be lots of chrome on it and what makes the bike striking is the windscreen installed on it. Park side by side it is the cruise version which marks its presence.


Comfort on both bikes is identical. You sit upright with foot pegs in forward position and as was the case with earlier Avenger 220 rear seat comfort is a pain in a$# despite 20% extra cushioning by Bajaj.

Handle bar is set up differently though. Avenger 220 is more biased towards touring comfort while Avenger 150 is more for city riding.


Cannot be compared in this segment as engine displacement figure i.e. 150cc & 220cc tells you the story. 

However, Avenger 150 Street’s engine is smoother and revs freely. It is also refined than compared to its elder sibling. Avenger 220 is meant for relaxed cruising rather revving hard to extract full performance.


Both bikes come with the same feature list:
  • Powerful headlamps
  • Semi digital display with fuel gauge and other indicators on tank
  • Low slung seat for maximum comfort
  • Front disc brake and rear drum brake
  • Avenger 150 is air cooled while 220 is oil cooled


This is where both the Avengers can be differentiated and this is the only factor which can be called as master stroke by Bajaj.

From Avenger 150 you can expect a mileage of 50kmpl or more if driven efficiently while Avenger 220 can only deliver around 40kmpl. However, highway cruising does not leave enough room for Avenger 150 to deliver good mileage figures as once speedo will stick between 90 to 100 kmph it is the Avenger 220 which will deliver a more consistent fuel economy.


There is a price difference of Rs 10,000 in both the products. Avenger 150 costs you Rs. 75,500 Ex-Showroom Delhi while Avenger 220 will cost you Rs. 85,600 (approx).

Which Avenger is for you?

Most of the city riders do not hit highways often or go for touring. For them Avenger 150 makes sense as it is fuel efficient and cheaper to maintain. For those who loves touring must prefer Avenger 220 Cruise. Avoid street version as you will end up looking similar to 150.

What we would have wished for?

Although Avenger 150 became an instant hit but Bajaj should have made Avenger 220 more premium. Its update is too little too late. For Avenger lovers it was more of a heartbreak as the least Bajaj could have done to make 220 feel special is to provide a much needed tachometer, an extra gear and a raised seat height for tall riders.

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