Let us Avoid Global Warming - Stop Using Cars

You never step out without your energy giants anywhere. Oh, do I need to tell you that what is an energy giant? Actually, it is your car that is consuming the energy from environment and in return giving all the dirty and harmful chemicals as a gift. You can say it as a magical thinking that these energy giants are controlling our government and actually, that is a fact.

You can yourself see, today the politicians can't even take a step forward without their giants and this is the reason of Global Warming. Such people are threats which are adding to the global warming.

Hey, wait I got an idea to avoid global warming. Let us stop using the cars. What say guys?

But then how would we be moving place to place then? Oh I got it we would be going either by walk or we have bicycles and horses and bullock-cart. That would be so much fun and just imagine you are a manager of a company and landing from a horse to your office. Hahaha…that would be really very funny but please I would prefer going by walk. How would it look like?

I cannot stop laughing by imagining about foreign delegates. Just imagine your clients are coming from Canada or Australia where they are in a daily routine not to step out without their luxurious cars, I am bursting out laughing and when they take off from their country and step outside the airport a bullock cart is standing in front of them to take them to the office. ROFL and it would definitely add when the bull was doing a shit all over. I am sorry that was so shitty guys. I would never go like this.

You know what actually we are driving is a remote car and the control is in our hands only. If we wish to drive them away then we can do it but if we feel to add the shit of energy giants and of course Global Warming then obviously it is our choice.

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