Annoying Advertisements: Bigger, Brighter, and more Stupid!

I am just fed up of these silly and horrible advertisements. Aren't you?

I am telling you, they just are eating your husband’s pockets and actually yours too if you are mommy. Actually these advertisements are making your kids sick and intoxicated. Actually not only kids but stupid guys and girls too.

Do I need to quote an example? O! You guys are so dumb. Okay anyways I fall in the same category, now don’t embarrass me to get back to the example. It is like, two friends of mine, they were completely stupid and idiot. Now you must be thinking why, actually they were in love. Yes, you got it right, the so called "love" and whenever they see any advertisement of something rubbish stuff like romance, they steadily move to departmental store to buy those rubbish items or even if they saw any tactic of controlling they apply it. One day they found that they are watching the same stupid advertisement in which a boyfriend was giving chocolates to his girlfriend and she was smiling as if he had gifted her "Taj Mahal." When they talk on phone and came to know that they are watching the same ad it was horrible. Their reactions were horrible "oh jaanu(my love), do you know what, I will buy you the same chocolates, they are very sweet and they will strengthen our love."

God damn, can you imagine, chocolates strengthening their love? Lolzzz… I was laughing like hell at that time, how stupid they are? I laughed for two long days whenever I remember that incidence. Just imagine, a chocolate can strengthen your love.

Anyways leave them in their stupid chocolaty love; I am not at all interested. So, I was saying that these advertisements are actually ruling over us. We do what they say but they don’t do what we say. You can say that we are the robots or servants of these advertisements. You can never obey your parents but if those advertisements would say the same you would do it right then.

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