Which 150cc buy I should buy?

Which 150cc buy I should buy?

It is a very relevant question these days as you got so many options. Any college going student or a rider who likes to go on weekend ride opts a 150cc bike and there are lots to choose from. Here on this website you will only find direct answers without any if and buts; therefore coming straight to the point:

If you have an extremely tight budget of not more than Rs. 70,000 and you don’t want to spend too much on a 150cc bike which is definitely a wise decision then no other manufacturer other than Bajaj offers you few choices:

Discover 150 and Bajaj V

Out of these two just close your eyes and opt Bajaj V. It is a brand new motorcycle which provides extremely good value for money. Why?

  • Value for money
  • Relaxed sitting posture
  • Wide tyres
  • Mid-range performance
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • A powerful 55W headlamp which is very useful in night

Now if you are person who loves to go on weekend trip often but your tight budget doesn't  allow you much options then I will ask you to plead another 4000 rupees from someone and go for –

Yamaha SZ RR version 2.0

Yes you heard it right. These days no one talks about it but it is a real good machine. Power figures may not look impressive but it performs better than Bajaj V returns almost same fuel efficiency and Yamaha has improved its top end performance to suit highway riding. Here are the four good reason to shed extra 4000 rupees:

  • Super refined engine and good top end performance
  • Better handling characteristic
  • Even more comfortable than Bajaj V
  • And those analogue meters looks extremely gorgeous than compared to any digital ones

Now comes a buyer who wants to spend no more than Rs. 80,000 for a 150cc bike. Which would be an ideal 150cc bike for him? Lots of bikes to choose from! No.

You just have Pulsar 150 and Apache RTR 160 and in extreme case Honda Unicorn 150.

You won’t even think of Honda’s Unicorn 150 unless you are retired so I am not even considering this bike.

Out of these two, Pulsar 150 is a more successful one but people who go for Apache knows the difference and you must also own one. Why?

  • Pulsar 150 can’t match the dynamics and performance
  • Pulsar 150 is not as comfortable as Apache RTR 160
  • Pulsar 150 does not offer more features than Apache RTR 160
  • Pulsar 150 is not better built than Apache RTR 160
  • Pulsar 150 does not sound like Apache RTR 160

Now if buyer says I do not want any of these two and I am willing to shed another 10,000. Which one is the best option?

Suzuki Gixxer, Honda Hornet or FZ version 2.0

The problem is that all these bikes are so evenly matched that one gets insanely confused and in the end all it comes down to personal preference. However, I will tell you in a very direct manner to choose one from these.

If you live in Delhi then go for Yamaha FZ version 2.0 as it is expensive of the lot but since buyer does not want to shed more than 90K it will cost you the same there but not anywhere else in India due varied tax structure. Why Yamaha FZ 2.0?
  • You have Fuel Injection tech on board
  • Super refined engine
  • Better engine response
  • Better fuel economy

If you live outside Delhi and have Suzuki’s showroom in your area then you must purchase Suzuki Gixxer. Why?

  • Better performance
  • Sporty Handling
  • Better exhaust note
  • Though Honda’s engine is refined Suzuki’s one is even better.

The last category if of those buyers who want a full blown 150cc bike i.e. fast, sporty and fully faired. For such buyers style is most important and then comes the performance factor. Few years back, not many options were there in market but now they have three:

Suzuki Gixxer SF, Honda CBR 150 and Yamaha R15 V2.0

If your are a person who very rarely go for highway rides and only wants style and looks to impress your friends go for Suzuki Gixxer SF. Why?

  • You will save a good amount of money.
  • Looks not less than compared to Honda CBR or Yamaha R15. Certain viewing angles are even better.
  • Performance is not too bad for a motorcycle of its class.

However, if you do like weekend rides then purchase Yamaha R15. Why?
  • Looks better then Honda CBR
  • Better overall build quality

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