Complain kills the rhythm of life

Experience of time is relative. Psychology is trying to prove it now, but spirituality has full thesis about this in its precious treasure. Life is too short for those who live it but too long and boring for those who do not know how to live this life. Every tradition and path of spirituality has at least few lines or few chapters on teaching the way of living. Difference can be easily observed comparing a spiritual person and a non-spiritual person. Anecdotes about enlightened persons say that, they all were in possession of some special kind of fragrance of life. They were always in some divined rhythm and their activities were different from common mass. However, they all were different from us, only in one way, that they were masters in living the life. This one way made all the difference.

When we look on people around us, we find paucity of this quality and rhythm. It’s almost impossible to mark even a single person rejoicing the life she/he has in hand rather we are surrounded by lot of annoying people. They like to whine and complain frequently for no reason. Degree of this quality is not constant but varies from person to person. It all depends upon attitude. Some people are positive and optimistic, whereas others tend to see the world in a more negative light and always think, the glass is half-empty. Every one of us has some complains yet there are some people that seem to complain about everything.

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