Ego: the plot of mind

Whenever I climb I am followed by a dog called 'Ego'. --- Friedrich Nietzsche

Nietzsche said this in regards of power and position but it is ego that does not have limited association with them only. 'Ego' is an essential and natural characteristic of human personality. It is found in every human being irrespective of age, sex place etc. only thing is that, some get a way to screen their ego and some repress it for their survival. Close observation of nature put a point that other natural creature also possess ego. In spirituality ‘Ego’ has been considered as the toughest hurdle to cross for attainment of enlightenment.

'Ego’ has its roots in the Greek word "Εγώ (Ego)” with meaning "I". It is often used in English language for "self", or “identity" or other related concepts.

Cambridge dictionary defines ego as, “your idea or opinion of you own self, or a great feeling of your own importance and ability”, and goes further to state that "in psychoanalysis, the part of a person's mind which tries to match the hidden desires (wishes) of the id (part of the unconscious mind) with the demands of reality."

In spiritual context, 'Ego' is defined as the giving the extra value to self existence and think others to be lower than self. Non-dual and mystical path of spirituality focuses widely on eliminating this sense and feeling of undue self importance. In theses tradition individual existence is often described as a kind of illusion. Not only these but also the spiritual goal of many spiritual tradition involves dissolving of the ego like Jesus has preached a lot about this.

Buddhism says that, "we are all that our minds create, the feeling of a separate 'I' or ego-consciousness has a direct relation with ignorance, greed, and hatred."

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