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We all have heard and used an old proverb - 'Patience is a virtue'. Intellectuals have supported it, philosophers have supported it but its importance become more notable when one observes spiritual masters and spiritual scriptures revering it from core of heart. The English word ‘patience’ has been derived ultimately from Latin ‘patientia’, a derivative of ‘pati’, which means, "to suffer.” Puritans used this word for the first time in 17th century. In literal use, word patience or forbearing is used to describe the capacity to tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without becoming angry or upset or endurance under difficult circumstances. Society sees True patience as ‘moral characteristic’ displayed while facing difficulty and hardship. Patience is the level of endurance one can take before negativity.

In our daily life we all have personal experience about importance of keeping patience. We all have forgotten how to wait. We all have lost this art. Why we lost this art only because of our continuous thinking about future, expecting something or desiring something to happen exactly in the way we like. When we look on people around us we always find them in haste, in race, impatient and when we look on ourselves we find our self to be one of them. For a peaceful life we need this art, we need to train ourselves to wait for the right moment. This whole existence waits for the right moment. Nothing happens before that particular moment. We all know that how tough task is. This is the reason why psychologists and philosophers have asked to practice it.

‘George Savile’ said that, “A man who is a master of patience is master of everything else.”

Spirituality uses a part of this art as primary step towards the divinity. This is the first requirement for the people stepping on the path of spirituality. Spiritual masters had observed the psychological fact long ago that, when one does not see appearance of expected results, he consciously or unconsciously starts losing hope and enthusiasm in his endurance. They found that, patience gives us the strength to continue our efforts in every enterprise including spiritual practices. It is a universal truth that without patience we may give up our practice, before the desired results appear. With this observation patience, become valuable to every seeker on spiritual path and a prominent theme for many spiritual traditions. Patience gives support to continue our spiritual efforts even without observing any shadow of expected result. A story depicts the problem of not keeping patience, though it is a story but many masters have judged their new disciple in same way. Story says that.......

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