Self behavior analysis: Present yourself maturely

What does being mature means- Developed fully by mind and body as a person, who can withstand in all conditions and is capable enough to take decisions independently.

However, maturity can be categorized in two- Physical maturity and mental maturity. Both are independent of each other i.e. it is not necessary that a person who is mature enough physically will be matured at mental level or vice-versa.

In a physical sense, maturity is accomplished when one reaches adulthood and all pubescent changes have ceased (when one is fully developed). It is also considered a personality trait that some possess, and is something people tend to do as they age.

Mental maturity occurs with age and experience. It is knowledge that responsibility gives.

Normally we achieve physical maturity easily with time but we lag mentally in various aspects. Since there is difference between physical and mental maturity, therefore in practical world we sometimes lag to find out how we must behave properly or in other words how to behave mature enough. Everyone wants to represent self in a well behaved and mature manner, in order to leave good impression on others. It can be achieved by simple common sense by keeping few points in mind.

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