Question of life

Question of life.

Question of life What you should embrace in your life?
You often watch TV shows telling you top 25 beautiful places you should not miss in your life. Different kinds of polls ask people to vote for the most beautiful places, they wish to visit sometime in their life. Some will say Florida, some Cape Town or some will choose Sydney.

Similarly, a car show will tell you that which machine you should own in your life. They will present all types of mean machines in a graphical form with screaming tyres, roaring engine itching to rain their trapped power on you and aerodynamic designs. They will try their level best to fascinate you with such big toys and will provoke your inner-sentiments that- 'what am I doing in my life to have those?'

The same story will be at every juncture of your life when you would be compelled to think what you should embrace in your life. There can be all sorts of advices from watching sunset at sea-side, go naked, scuba dive, rollercoaster ride, smack your boss, take a hot balloon air ride etc.

The choices opt by people are subjective and based on financial and sociological conditions. However, most of us end with nothing when it comes to how many things we successfully embraced in our life. People watch shows gets fascinate, build castles in air then back to zero. If such is the state of ours than we must wonder that is this a valid question- 'What should we embrace in our life?'

It is not, then what would be a more appropriate question regarding life?

What you should do to your life?

This would be a better question to ask ourselves so that we can start working on it and can bring out some result. While thinking about the above mentioned question sometimes we may also wonder that why we are on the Earth, what can be the reasons behind it?

Any precise answer is difficult to speak out. There are however few notable points which can be thought of —

1. To find out what we are here to do.

2. To enjoy the life we have been gifted with.

3. To create something.

4. To help others.

5. To embrace self with ultimate truth.

Having answered the question related to our presence on Earth, let us find out what we can do in our life. We can also take clue from the above mentioned five points. As said, to embrace us from our desires, we need to do something in our life. In doing so some people achieve success rather fast and easily, some not so fast but easily, while some achieve slowly with continuous hard-work and the last category is of those who may not find success in-spite of hard-work.

There are many poor communities around the world, which do not even have any resource to see the light in the darkness. There are people from those communities who want to achieve something in their life but are abided by the condition around them. But this does not mean that we should stop trying. There are enough examples present when several great personalities managed to come out from the most adverse conditions to achieve what they wanted. However, such examples cannot outnumber the unsuccessful people in the world. That is we termed such personalities as 'great.'

As what we see and know that there are far more unsuccessful people than compared to successful one, therefore the second question also can be brought under scanner. The question was – 'What we can do in our life?' The problem with this question is that most of us try our level best to do or to achieve something but due to certain circumstances or we can say being weak on our luck we fall apart, therefore it can be said that this is something we cannot control. We can only try hard and wait for the result to come out, which may be positive or negative. If positive, we can count on it, but if negative, we will find hard to live with the society, anxiousness and agony will surround us. We will be trapped in an unsatisfying existence of ours, and start dragging our soul with the body.

What then can be the most relevant question to ask about life? It shall be something which we can control, so that there will be no excuse of not complying the circumstances after any failure.

What we should not do to our life?

This is the question, which affects us directly, and we have total control on the question's demand. Life is unpredictable, we may not predict the outcome of what we do, but we may certainly avoid all the negative aspects, which drag us behind or staunch our growth. Every person has her/his subjective things to avoid. Yet in general we must avoid the below mentioned things-

1. Getting complacent in your attitude.

2. While making plans, expecting only best outcome.

3. To think that time will not change.

4. To think that you have given it all and nothing more you can offer.

5. Non-essential commitments in your life.

6. To keep thinking in only one-way which you like.

7. Walk comfortably in your own shoes.

8. Always accusing your circumstances.

9. Jealousy and envy from others.

10. Too much cynicism.

11. No anger management.

12. Doubting yourself.

13. Daydreaming.

14. Always try to play devils part.

15. Switching on and off from one thing to other frequently.

16. Neglecting small achievements.

17. Care about society's wish.

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