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Power  of Creation"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun."
This definition we considered while explaining ‘Creativity in our life.' However, this definition explains much about creativity and its implementation in our life only in category of positivity. We shall now understand that, how creativity has influence on our behavior, career, relationships etc. We need creativity in our life to express our feelings, thoughts and ideas and to solve any problem, which is very crucial for our survival. Still many people try to bind 'Creativity' to a particular group like, artist, writer etc. It is like ridiculing creativity itself because it has no boundaries. When a boundary breaks, creativity comes.

It may be true that, creativity comes easily and naturally to many people, but it can also be said that rest all need some encouragement and training to awake their sleeping creativity. Creativity is not some kind of boon on selected people; rather creativity is an outlook towards life, an attitude to experiment and learn; explore and exhibit open mindedness, which is ready to bring and to accept changes. It is like playing with thoughts, ideas and nature. Creativity lies inside us like a seed, and need right conditions to prosper. It demands to provide circumstances, which can provide best chances for creative expression.

If you face problems in being creative, but have resolute to reawaken your dormant quality, then ignore your past, present, and everything, make yourself clean like a paper still to be opened. Remember that everyone is creative, raise your self-esteem and try these suggested tips. After trial if it suits you correctly then there is a great chance that world of creativity will be enriched by your creations. You too after honest introspection may find a better way to activate your creative stimuli; still these will light your path at many places on your 'journey of creativity.'

Right attitude -:
Undoubtedly, creativity is ability, but it is also an attitude. It is mental make-up of people, the attitude of willingness to play with ideas and possibilities, flexibility and propensity to enjoy. Develop an attitude that, "every problem that has been solved, can be solved again in a better way." There is no end of creativity, still things are left to create and solve in better way. Accept the fact- everyone is creative and you are not an exception. Everyone has potential to be creative. Allow yourself to create, not allowing yourself to be creative is burying a part of your life and denying natural laws.

Be Curious-: "Om Athato Bramha Jigyasana" means "since I am man I want to know." Do not kill your basic instinct of curiosity. Creative people always try to know everything possible under the sun. They are not ashamed to admit their ignorance and attempt to widen their knowledge. Spend time with curious people. They will inspire you of what it is like to think outside the square. Wide ranging knowledge provides fertile land for creativity.

Ignore trends and forget past-: Thomas A. Edison, one of the most creative person of past told that, "Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something." If you truly want to be creative, you have to break rules, ignore trends and forget past. Forget your own past of un-creativity and, also what the world has created. Block all such thoughts. Considering past may discourage you and misguide you from your aim. Do not give attention to them. Change always gives a fresh taste; think radically, different from the existing idea. Following existing trends limits the creativity. When one wishes to create something truly unique, trends are speed breakers.

Kill Prejudice-:
Kill prejudice before it kills creativity. Prejudice hinders open mindedness or readiness to accept change. The older we get the more pre-conceived idea we have about a thing and life. These pre conceptions often prevent us from perceiving beyond the realm of received knowledge, what we believe to be possible. It is an inhibiting factor.

Avoid stress-: Stress kills creativity. Stress not only affects our heart, mental health and daily activities, but also creativity. It badly and negatively affects creative expression and thought process. Dr. Robert Epstein says that, "no gene or any other factor predisposes some individuals toward creativity and others not (this perspective is, obviously, disputed). External factors such as stress play a much heavier role in determining innovation than anything intrinsic."

Eliminate psychological blocks-: Many solutions have been dismissed without trial. For example, "body learns to develop immunity after a required training given to 'White Blood Cells' for disease." The idea of curing a disease by injecting the infected germs in to body also sounds crazy. Many people opposed the idea but Louis Pasture developed many vaccines based on this idea of him. For creativity a person has to clear all his mental block based on anything. Psychological blocks prevent us from trying new possibilities. If they overcome, it paves way for more creation and problem solving.

Find some time for your self-: Take out some time from your busy schedule to live with yourself. It does not mean that you are supposed to isolate yourself from society or to become unsocial. It is just to get a break from the routine and busy life. It will bring you near to yourself, which will let you know the sleeping sources of creativity. Remember that it is one of the best habits to cultivate best creativity. It not only makes you comfortable but also to do experiment freely even the non-sense one. Find some quite place, away from hubbub of everyday routine job and enjoy solitude.

Do not pay attention to feedback-:
Many of people accord high importance to social approval. They are conventional and inhabited in their vision. This social pressure kills the germ of creativity within us. A creative person does not bother much about conforming to the norms and about, what would others think. Remember society has ridiculed, scoffed and jailed (Galileo) and even killed (Socrates) many who have tried to differ from the accepted norms. Just follow your own path. People generally tend to pull you in the court they themselves standing. Their feedback is nothing but the preconceived thoughts. There is greater chance to hurt your creativity. Better to let people criticize yourself.

Respect failure-: Fear of failure prevents us from coming up with ideas and trying them. Remember one has to climb to fall. The possibilities of failure should not prevent us from experimenting with new ideas. Many fall from a high hill while try to fly in air but like the process of evolution one after another, we got various means to fly high. Thomas Edison, to whom we owe the invention of electric bulb failed thousands times while trying to glow the filament of bulb. He tried nearly everything including whiskers from his friend beard! He believed to have tried at least 1800 objects. After he had attempted about 1000 times, someone asked him if he was frustrated at his failures. He replied in a classic banner, "I have gained a lot of knowledge; I know thousands of things that won't work."

Edwin Land supported him with words, "An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail."

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