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Creativity of mind'Man and animal' - What is the basic difference between two?

Many of us are not able to distinguish precisely between human and animal. For them, man is also an animal but with a qualification that, 'man is social animal,' a widely accepted view, but raises may questions like- Are animals anti-social or unsocial? Recent researches have proved that animals too live in some kind of society like humans with their own rules and norms within which they communicate with each other. This compels us to think and mark some other difference to draw a line of separation between humans and animals. Obviously, a number of things can be said, but a very crucial difference exists. Animals react and behave intuitively while man responses are more individualistic, pre-meditated and intellectual. Human beings are capable of higher and finer thoughts, which an animal is not capable. Human being has ability to appreciate beauty around him with expression, choosing different art forms. In simple word, 'Man can be creative.'

One should not misunderstand and misinterpret that, creativity is of no use to ordinary people. This is a common belief that creativity is quality of writers, artists and people related to field of art. In fact, creativity has nothing to do with any particular field, profession or activity. Mary Lou cook defines creativity as-

"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun," this definition can be said to be almost accurate. Creativity itself is not able to find a complete creative definition for its own; it refuses to bind in words, however, this definition explains much about creativity and its implementation in our daily life.

Anything can be creative, even your most stupid act if satisfies any of the given condition. Your any activity can be creative if you are capable enough to add quality. Your most intellectual piece of work can be uncreative and your simple step can be full of creativity. It depends upon the novelty, imagination and approach. When people think of creativity, they often relate it to artists and inventors. People from artistic field do need to be creative, but importance of creativity cannot be underestimated in our personal lives. It’s an integral part of life. It plays an important role in our interpersonal relationship; in accomplishing some business task etc.

Creativity plays an important role in a way we express ourselves in day-to-day life. Creativity can be a new invention, a new idea of game, your conversation or decorating your house. From your breakfast table to your dining table, creativity makes a place. It is all about original thought and making independent choices.

Creativity has it impacts on our behavior, career, relationships etc. Yes! We need creativity in our daily life to express our feelings, thoughts and ideas and to solve any problem, which is very crucial for our survival. We come across many people who are able to arrive at solution at the spur of a moment without many things around them. This is only a glimpse of creativity, which make them to think so differently to do it. Some may use a defense mechanism to deceive, that 'Creativity' is gift from nature. They think similar to ancient Greeks, who believed in nine muses. Who according to their legend lived in mountain Parnassus and were responsible for inspiring creativity in poets and artists. But it is not true, if you are a vigilant observer of life around yourself, and also capable of thinking deep you do not have to sit idle and wait to be inspired by some heavenly muses. Any thing around you can make creative.

Researchers suggest that people, who use creativity in daily life, are more satisfied, happy and productive in every field. Facts also say that creativity has no relation with IQ and paper qualification. One can be a master in creativity even without high intellect or any distinctive qualification. Everyone is capable of being creative. Creativity exists inside everyone, generally if found buried under routine job, stress and tension of life. Many times, we do many things creatively unconsciously, but creativity becomes worthy when people do it consciously.
One can perform the simplest work in a beautiful way using creativity. For being creative you do not need some especial condition, rather one can easily awake his creativity using suggestion by some anonymous creative person. He suggested that-

"Being creative is seeing the same thing as everybody else but thinking of something different."

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