Attitude of suicidal interpretation

Our mind is a wonderful gift from the nature, immensely powerful and full of possibilities. Our mind possesses immense capabilities for doing thing in both dimensions positive and negative. It can change the most unbelievable to believable and vice versa.  Every creature on earth lives in their own preset world, but with our brain we can customize our world; we can customize it beautifully and precisely. Mind is the main source of survival of every living being. One difference differentiate human mind form mind of others creature.

Our mind is very complex; not only in its structure but also in the way, it functions. Its processes are complex to understand. If mind of an animal guides it to eat, it only eats but if mind of human guide it to eat something, it thinks in many different ways like, like is it healthy to eat, how it has been cooked, who has cooked it etc.

In this world of complexity, one complexity is capability to interpret. Human brain is able to interpret a single thing in thousands different ways. Many times, we do it for betterment of self and others, but sometime this ability act as antagonist when it starts interpreting things for selfish interest. Nature has bestowed us with a mind which is politically clever in interpretation and in justifying our deeds. This is the only reason why, followers of great saints, religions, philosophers and masters turns into a corrupt person. It happens when they, start interpreting teachings in their self interest limiting the teaching in particular context. One can easily find out a way in any teaching, a way that works like a multi face picture, in which your eyes choose what they want. We are masters of articulation, we can articulate anything so beautifully that, we can trap others as we would like by providing appropriate logics to justify ill-deeds.

Why it happens? Why words are so feeble that anyone can use them in their own way.

'Klaus Kinski' said about words that, "But words - words are not enough!"

Words are medium to express something you felt. And what you felt can't be expressed in words. Shakespeare was master in using words that were able to create atmosphere, his writings were so picturesque that readers start living with his words. Still it depends upon readers. Not everyone can live his words. In the same way spiritual scriptures too needs a deserving mind to understand its mysterious words otherwise one can easily interpret its words in his own way for pursuing some selfish interest. To get the true meaning of words one need to understand many things associated with that word, its meaning in that particular context, feeling with which it has been uttered etc. Interpretation if not had done appropriately can be suicidal.

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