People prefer to be Internet-worms rather than being Bookworms

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In this world of modern gadgets, I do not think any of us would love to live without a PC or without an internet connection. It cannot be counted as an accessory now as it has turned into a necessity in this techno world.

Can you step out from a business meeting without a laptop even?

Of course not. Most of the people prefer to acquire knowledge from internet rather than searching out a number of books for any particular information. According to an overall survey, it has been stated that internet surfing has been used worldwide with a statistics of 98.05% of E-mails being used, 60.81% of search, 30.24% of social sites being used by a business class person. However if we talk about teenagers of India, 10% of emails, 70.79% of search engines and 97.09% of social networking sites are accessed by them.

If we talk about other countries, the business classes have more ratio of accessing business sites rather than social sites and the teenagers both in India and in the foreign countries access to more of entertainment sites rather than any entertaining book or place. Also, there are so many educational sites for students as it is assumed to be difficult for them to search out a number of books when they can get a particular answer for any of their particular question regarding any topic be it science, technology, literature, art, business or any other field, simple on internet. This is the reason why people prefer to be internet-worms rather than being a bookworm.

Earlier, libraries and books were considered to serve the best purpose to a student or a faculty and that is to serve them with vast knowledge. But now they are using e-books and e-libraries to get any related knowledge. People who used or use books or any other source (not being internet) to search out something, faced a common problem of the knowledge being very vast or confusing but the same goes with internet also. Searching on internet might confuse your thoughts as it gives you a large number of options for your search, which is once again, a huge well of knowledge. But whatever we say, internet is widely opted rather than books or educational magazines.

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