Science and Spirituality

Science and spirituality today are considered as the two most important dimensions of life. There is lot of debate on interdependence and relationship between the two's'.

This universe is formed out of two domains, matter and consciousness-force. The domain of learning and experimenting with matter constituents refers to a material based modern science. The domain of realizing and understanding consciousness is based on the theory and process of its enlightened evolution pertains to spirituality. The totality, purpose and fruitfulness of the world are accomplished only by adopting amalgamation of material based science and spirituality.

Domain of material science started way back, when man discovered fire, agriculture clothes and foods. In 20th century there has been a significant increase in the interest of common man towards material based science but spirituality has been left behind and ignored in the sequence of progress. Both are like two wheels of a cart or two wings of flying bird. If there is any imbalance in either modern science or technology, it causes destruction and hazards in several ways.

If both disciplines had cooperated with each other, development would have been total and the descent of heaven up on the earth would have been possible. Consciousness is superior to matter. The science of spirituality hangs around by the week threads of faith and emotions. India has about six million so called spiritual man. This means that among every 50 people in India there is one spiritual person. When we talk about spirituality, in our mind there are pictures of blind faith, fake gurus and superstitions. So is this what spirituality is?

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