No more religion please!

Religion is embedded in every aspect of human life, external or internal. Human being use religion to cover a very wide range of their life. About religion, it is said that, we need it to be moral, we need it to support ethics, we need it to answer question, whose answers science do not have. Religious philosopher, thinkers and supporters view religion as 'Supreme Science.' Dominance of religion and god in our day-to-day life can be marked easily. History has many evidences that never one thought has dominated the whole era. People had always come up with different point of view to challenge the existing dominance and it is an auspicious sign of development. Keeping the same tradition alive, many thinkers and their followers challenged religion significantly. They not only challenged religious philosophy, rather they targeted existence of religion itself and weakened roots of religion with their cogent logic.

With development in science, number of people following second ideology has grown up rapidly. In addition, recognition of spirituality, as different stream from religion has proved to be the last nail in coffin of religion. This growth in number of people believing in spirituality and science has raised question much louder that, "do we need religion."

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