Are you not loosing weight? Here are the 7 reasons why you are not achieving weight loss?

You are trying hard to loose weight. For the same reason you have joined gym. You are working hard yet you are unable to loose weight. At last you loose hope and even stop going gym. You feel demotivated and frustrated; however you never make yourself aware for the exact reasons of inability to loose weight.

Here are the possible seven reasons for that-

Loss of sleep:  It affects body metabolism and leads to weight gain due improper functioning of molecules.

Depression: Depression not only invites mental problems but also makes you overeat because most people share emotional relationship with food and drink. In depression people often drink more and eat more.

Stress: Under stress, body produces cortisol in larger quantities which causes hunger and people normally favours high-calorie snacks or alcohol.

Thyroid problem: An underactive thyroid known as ‘hypothyroidism’ affects the body metabolism in negative manner. It slows down your metabolism and due to imbalance of hormones, weight rises.

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