Best ways of suicide attempts and their failure consequences.

Life is a gift but yet for few people gift becomes curse. It has been said that you must not let this gift go away, but still many people are ready to throw it away. They try different methods to destroy it. Some become successful while some pay the price of it by dragging their soul inside the permanently damaged body.

We will never recommend you to throw this gift however, if still you are so much willing to give up then here are the best methods of suicide or best methods of killing yourself. Besides the method please do read the consequences if you fail to achieve death while performing the death act.

Gunshot: People consider it to be a sure shot method to kill self as all they require is a gun and all they have to do is to press trigger aiming brain or chest. However, still failure may be possible and when it does due to improper blast or your misdirection, permanent organ damage or brain damage may be possible. In this case you will be alive but in a severely challenged condition.

Drug Overdose: One of the most common methods people try to attempt as they think it to be pain free. However, it must be noted that it ranks very low in success rate.

The failure result is extreme embarrassment with permanent organ failure whichever the drug affects.

Hanging: One of the easiest ways to take away your life with a good success rate. All you have to do is to tie a rope around your neck and hang yourself somewhere that can support your weight.

Failure leads brain damage, permanent broken neck and permanent burn scar.

Poison: Are you thinking about this? It can only be said as consuming pesticides or industrial fluids are very painful and have very low success rate, although they are readily available. If you do want to poison yourself, arrange cyanide that brings a sure shot death. If you cannot, than prepare yourself for internal organ damage and irreversible effects from poison.

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