The Culminating Act of Life; DEATH !!!

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You must have wondered about the word "Death". We all know the meaning, but do we know that we are right or not. It is being killed by someone or people say, "He passed away", "our soul is not in body." But, none of us have ever thought about it that where it goes from the body.

Actually, our soul when stepped outside from our body goes to another world, another life that is somewhat similar to this very world. It can either be worst or it can be better according to our deeds, but this what some religious people say, there is no proof of it. The fact is that no one knows where soul opts to go after death or even go or not.

Death is also termed as re-incarnation i.e., a new birth of a soul in a new body. The soul can enter either to a new life or to a new body, which again is dependent on the deeds of a person whether good, or bad. However, this theory too is unproven.

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Philosophy doesn’t focus on the two very words of "death" and "immortality" nor does it makes a person to face his/her death psychologically but it do make a person come to terms in the light of, "The Eternal Death." Physical death is just a one-time experience but an "Eternal Death" is everlasting. It can be experienced forever by grace of our masters, a spiritual death. Our souls are to be shifted from mundane world to the world of new ideas.

A soul can never escape from this materialistic world because it is attached with some or the other tenuous relationships in the world and once the soul get relieved from all these relationships it can escape from this mundane world and can be prepared to enter the eternal life. One of the theories over soul says that the person who is attached to this human life cannot escape this world ever after his/her death. His/her soul is somewhere between us only as they never want themselves to be freed from this human world and want to be here always with their loved ones. But remember this is not the eternal death as I stated above and you are not dead, rather you are half dead as you are still in materialistic world but not living a deadly-being not a human being.

What is our final destination after Death?

We know that after death, we will go to some kind of world or may remain in this world only, but when we pass through that…

I will look inside the Dark World

As in that dark world, I will somewhere find the Light inside

The Light to live- The Living Light!

But who this "Light" in the "Dark World" of mine?

It is only me (I) in this reality.

(We, our soul is now connected with the spiritual world as we have entered the real world, the final destination of ours. We are now introduced to our True Self, our Higher Ego.)

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This reality, of me (I)

Cannot enter the earthly life

I am, but a mere picture of me (I)

But I shall find it again

When with good will, after the soul, my spirit

I shall now pass away the main door of death

I have entered to the "Spiritual Life"

I beat the death

Here the person in the verse is trying to say that he is now at the top stage of death as he has entered the “Spiritual Life”. But, what are we going to perceive in the spiritual world?

The clinching essence of this light is brightened now

Through the width of the space

The fill our world with the only being

Now, when the person comes at this stage he is no longer related with the physical body as he is a part of the starry heavens. We once look up to the sky and count the stars but now we are the part of those stars.

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This world is entirely made of cosmic intelligence i.e., the living thoughts.

“…The moment a man passes away through his death he becomes one with the Universe…

The width of the spaces seems to be around us everywhere which are completely filled with the cosmic thoughts. The whole of this universe is teemed with these cosmic thoughts, living and clinching the expanse of space.

Everything works and clinches in cosmic thoughts.”

In relation to the mystery of death we have a verse here which says that:

What we bury deep

In the grave to sleep

Wrap of earth shall be

What we love

Abides above

All through eternity.

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