Intention behind Words and Action

Risk is involved everywhere. It can be of any type, risk of failure, risk of losing, risk of getting hurt, risk of life and also the risk of betrayal. It has relation with our existence not with any specific path. Most of these are out of our control but risk of being betrayed can be avoided up to some extent with enhanced knowledge and dissolved ignorance. In our everyday life we often fall prey to people who are master in betrayal.

Unfortunately path of spirituality could not have escaped this blot. It is fact that vicious uses face of virtuous for its survival. People complain of meeting fake and phony spiritual masters on this sacred path. They are the victim of good heart and faith. Now days there are flood of preachers and 'Gurus' in every religion and spiritual tradition making it hard to choose the right person. Though risk of cheating on this path is as old as spirituality, this can be a reason why Buddha on his death bed preached, 'APP DEEPO BHAV' means 'be your own light' and cautioned to keep distance from masters.

Why it is hard to make a difference between the phony and true master?

Answer is simple; it is hard because actions of both are same, only intention differs. For a seeker it is very hard to read the intentions behind the action as a seeker is naïve. "Cutting with a knife" is an action. A doctor does it to save a life and a murderer does it to kill somebody. Action and words of both are same but intention is different. Phony masters use the same sacred text, same vestal words but intention of them is not sacred in same proportion. Words should not be taken as true intention. Intention may vary amazingly from the words uttered. A story of 'Nasreddin Hodja' demonstrates this difference. In story 'Nasreddin Hodja' can be called as innocent as he reveled his intention but in practical life 'phony masters' never reveal the truth. Story says that...

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