Do not cut the person to fit the coat

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'Curiosity,' 'Skepticism,' 'Desire to know,' It is our nature. It is nature of every living being. Living is not only taking breathe and doing some regular activities, such living is only biological living. 'Actual living' is living with vividness. Living lively with full of energy can only be called as living. Living vividly bears some characteristics and being curious is one of them. Other than this is as good as being dead. Sometime doctors use word 'Brain dead' when they do not observe some biological symptoms. In the same way when one lacks in symptoms of living vividly we can call him 'sensually dead.’ This thing can easily be observed in a child, he live vividly. He is curious in everything; his face is like morning dews.

Freshness can easily be observed on their faces, but as we grow older and older, dullness starts replacing this freshness. Some curiosity always remains in us, thus we find people always questioning something around them. However, thing about what they are curious does matter. Walt Disney appreciates curiosity in words that, "We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

Whether it is development of external world or internal world both demands curiosity and skeptical nature. Base of spirituality is also curiosity. Its starts with quest about self, from- Who I am? This is the reason, we use word 'seeker' for people on path of spirituality. The flame of spirituality always illuminates with a question. Mostly people start their quest by asking, what is spirituality?

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