It is important to fail once to win your life

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'Failure' is a word capable enough to give you a shock, to make you patient of insomnia and to use dark glasses to hide yourself from others. It is considered as a negative dimension of life and no one has desired to be failed, in till known history. We all are afraid of failure and wish success at every junction of life. Unfortunately, we fail in this wish also, and frequently face failures at many junctions of our life. Sorrow, pain, anger etc. accompany failure. Though impact of failure varies from person to person, but it is inevitable, only few could have escaped its consequences, and thus we call them enlightened. Some time its influence on individual has been proved to be fatal. Many people has chosen self-destructive path to deal with failure. But why failure has such impact on our life? How failure can outweigh life?

We all love to feel good and get succeed in life. It is our basic instinct. Our parents, school and peers has created such an atmosphere in which success got utmost place and failure is pushed at most condemned place. This becomes the ill fate of humanity. In success crazy crowd importance of failure is lost. We forgot that failure is not isolated from success rather both of them are contemporary to each other. We usually forget that every time when a stamp of failure blots our life, we become more and more experienced. We ignored the fact that this whole existence is bi-polar and we all live in this bi-polarity. We may understand importance of bi-polarity but never accept bi-polarity because we never wish that second polarity to influx in our lives. We all are well aware with concept of it; we know that they are contemporary, only their mutual existence is possible. Still we wish one side of the coin.

In this whole existence, things exist in pair of opposites. Positive exists because negative exists. They form the two pole of existence for anything, between which any transformation swings. The same principle applies on everything that exists in this universe, and our life is not exception; it is also a tension between the opposites. Experience of one is impossible without the second like for example, pleasure exists with pain, day exists with night, life exists with death, happiness exists, so exists the sorrow and success exists with failure.

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