Fickle nature of mind

Fickle nature of mind

As we, all know that humans have body and mind, but none is sure about location of mind in our body. Some say that brain itself is mind while some consider it as a part of body. Descartes describe mind as an invisible thing separate from body and brain. Irrespective of any conclusion, everyone agrees that ‘mind does exist’ and probably is the most prominent facet of our existence. Our whole life is dependent to its guidance. Our mind is so powerful that it can force us to do anything varying from best of best to worst of worst. By accepting the same fact, spirituality has given ‘mind’ a significant place in its explanation and guidance.

Spirituality is interested in nature of mind. Spiritual scriptures say that the "mind" is fickle.  The mind, by nature, is always oscillating, for it is very fickle and this nature of mind is source of all misery human being faces in their life. What it is like to be a fickle nature?

'Gurbani' points fickle nature as, "continuously running after fleeting things, entangled in a dream (illusion, ignorance or absence of the Self-knowledge), cleverness, under the sway of the evil passions and which remains unsatisfied, and begs for more."

This fickle nature not only pushes away success in our day-to-day materialistic life, but also is the biggest hindrance on path of spiritual success. On the both type of success, it restrains you by saying, 'now it's enough, let's try something new.' It tries hard to break your consistency. If one could converge all his energy on a single point, success becomes inevitable. One has to focus the lens at a single point until the paper burns. During the whole process, the solution is not to change the point of focus frequently because burning depends upon the stability of hand holding the lens.

People on the path of spirituality often get impatience. This is the time fickle mind wait to suggests, 'now it's enough, let’s try something new.' This led them changing God, religion, masters, meditation method etc. Other possibilities, led them to try all at the same time. Such people often reach nowhere. This is the trap, which fickle can create.

Spiritual success is death of fickle nature of mind that comes by an honest, regular and consistent try in one direction. It is not only about intention, but like a river to reach up to the ocean of enlightenment every drop has to flow in a single direction. A story depicting the nature, capture and result says that-

"A man wanted to dig a well to water his farm. After digging for some time in a place recommended by water-diviners, he found no water and got disgusted. He dug only about fifteen feet.

Along came another man who laughed at him for digging there, and pointed to another place. The farmer went over to that spot and started digging, for about twenty feet. Still no water, and very tired, he finally took the advice of an old neighbor who assured him there was water however he had to dug at another place.

After he had given up that one too, his wife came out and said, "Where are your brains? Does anyone sink a well that way? Stay in one place and go deeper and deeper there!" Next day, rested, the farmer spent all day on one hole and found abundant water."

The above written story can be observed by anyone in their lives. We all do many things in this way. ‘Therefore, what is foremost requirement is removal of all natural capabilities from all directions and let them be directed at only one thing towards liberation, our supreme welfare. Kabir’ one of the most practical spiritual saints suggested people that.

"Ek hi saadhe sab sadhe, Sab saadhe sab jaay|"

"By accomplishing one, all work is accomplished, and by trying  to accomplish many tasks, then not even one thing is accomplished."

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