A Letter to God

Dear God,

‘Your’ existence is suspicious, still everyone believes in you. Please do not let the faith down; it is the backbone of hope in life. In a religious scripture, ‘you’ said that, “I will look down from heaven, where I live.” Then why ‘you’ have closed your eyes from what is happening on earth. Why are ‘you’ behaving as a stepfather? I know that whatever has happened in this holy state of India, or what has happened many times in holy Mecca, or at many holy places. It is not a matter of any single religion; rather it is a question of faith. I know that we are responsible for that, our human activities are responsible, but the question to ‘you’ is that why many innocents have to face the consequences of others fault.

Everyone is crying and asking this question to ‘you’, but you are silent. ‘You’ speak to your children in many ways, but sometimes why ‘you’ go through a period of silence when we want answers that don't seem to come. Gods silence to me is meant to be due to three reasons.

First, it may mean that what we are doing is just fine and don't need any input from ‘you’ at this time. Maybe the choices we've made and the direction we are going is okay.

Second, it may mean that we have rejected some clear instruction from ‘you’, and ‘you’ are not willing to speak to us further until we obey what we already know to do.

Third And last probability is that, ‘you’ may have something to share with us but is waiting for something to happen first.

I want to ask one question that human being is cultivating what they have reaped, for the last many years. But God, what about those innocent animals? What is their fault? They were already facing trouble and finally ‘you’ destined them to this. Heart of whole humanity is broken for what happen with venerators but my heart and eyes are full for the ants, insect etc. Not a single famous personality or not a single politician about whose ill deeds we all know, died, but why you targeted innocents mostly.

‘Your’ act may have some hidden reasons but we all need ‘your’ answer. God, there is so much pain right now, there is so much anger, and resentment in the hearts of men. Please help us to walk the walk and talk the talk that reflects who ‘you’ are in me. Give us direction, hope and a future. Lay on our hearts what ‘your’ will is for us. We will be listening for the still, small voice that I love to hear. I know ‘you’ love everyone. Just keep helping those who so desperately need a word.

1) A sign.

2) A moment of ‘your’ presence.

3) A simple touch of ‘your’ hand.

4) A slight nod to ‘your’ Angels that says, "do it".

Thank ‘you’ so much for what ‘you’ do in my life. I love ‘you’ more than anything. Lastly, God is God and I am not. Help me to always remember who is really in charge. Thanks God. Keep holding my hand.

From the broken heart of your daughter,
Preeti Upadhyay

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