Fools can be fooled anytime

How a Guru saved his disciple

In the old days, Gurus used to constantly travel to visit disciples. One Guru however, became too old and used to travel along with one disciple.

This disciple was not intelligent, but thought he was. He also was greedy.

They arrived at one place. It was a very special country where the price of everything was the same. When the Guru realized the situation, he said,

"King must be a great fool, let’s go before we get into some troubles."

But the greedy disciple thought, "let me stay here to collect as many things possible".

The Guru tried to convince his disciple otherwise, but to no avail. At last he finally told him "If you get into any kind of trouble, just think about me, and I will come".

After a few days, the disciple was caught stealing food, and was brought before the king for judgment. After hearing the case, the king announced: "He will be hanged tomorrow at 8 AM! Let everyone come to witness what happens with robbers!"

Long before 8 AM, a huge crowd started to gather to see the execution. At this sight, the disciple started to panic and he suddenly remembered what his guru had told him before, and by every passing minute, the thought of his Guru was occupying his mind more and more.

Finally, just 5 minutes before at 8 AM, an old man appeared running towards the place of execution.

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