The Art of Tattoo in the Modern World

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What came up to your mind when the word “Tattoo” flashes in front of you? I guess fashionable and modern with a sweet punch of craziness and a few more words. You must be thinking that people are getting these latest designs as the modern art of tattoos. But, the facts tell otherwise, infact many of you might be aware of that Tattoos are not something related especially to modern world. The Egyptians mummies (females) of 2000 B.C. were the first one on whom tattoos designed on their actual bodies. Tattoos have served not only to the tradition but also the culture of the world. People from all over the world are adopting this so called “Tradition”. Some people think that they are setting apart them from their culture as they remind them of their ethics.

But, the culture is also now stepping forward towards the contemporary life of tattoos. There are a number of tattooing traditions just like people get some religious tattoos (Hindus, Muslims, Christians) and you would be surprised to know that in America a large number of designs symbolizes spiritual meaning. Christians have a cross and a “Jesus fish” as their religious symbols through which they express their faith. There is a religion in Buddhism that the monks get Sak Yant tattoos although it is not that necessary.

The various designs of tattoos are sure to set you apart from the beauty of the other accessories that are putting up. With no regard to convention of the society, people get themselves tattooed at the most visible parts of their body to unravel the beauty of tattoos at themselves. The divine canvas of your body will simply accept all the crazy designs of tattoo world.

Some people have their own style of getting a tattoo to show or convey some     message to the society. For an example, Aima Hand got some craziest tattoos on her face and neck just to show her opposition towards the society which is against to get a tattoo on the body. She has her own way to showcase her fashionable tattoos with various designs on her neck, shoulders and other visible parts of her body.

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