Recalling those memorable School Days

We all miss our school days. No, I don't miss the study please, and neither have you missed it I guess but if you do I can call you a book worm for sure.  We all miss those funny days which we had in our school time. We all went to school to learn the lessons of discipline and to gain knowledge in different fields but honestly we all ended up learning how to bunk classes with proxy and how to get through the exams without studying for 2-3 months but from last minute preparation. We learnt how to be late in class and make an excuse of accident, waking up late or traffic jams (it now helps in office too).

In nursery, we learnt how to speak. When we were at middle school we learnt how to be annoying and when we came to higher school we came to learn how to skip classes and stand outside the class of our crush and watching the person continuously. Old memories!!! They never fade nor should I say the memory of first crush goes from your mind. Don't blush now; your cheeks are becoming red. Control it, your wife or husband is watching you blush.

The memory of school uniform which was the most irritating dress at that time and we made hell out of fashion from it like low waist pants with gelled hairs and low waist skirt knee length skirt with a clip on hair sleeves folded up. You could find every fashion trend of world in school (even if it is lady gaga's hair). Slipping notes with all nonsense imagination and being caught by the teacher these all were a beautiful part and sweet memories of school life.

Proving that you are the best in competitions' meant two things either you were trying to impress someone or you were actually crazy to become the overall personality. The funniest memories were of naming teacher by some of their special characteristics. Those were one of the moments which we think and till now laugh out loud thinking the creepy names of our teachers.

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