Best Indian Car 2016 - Part 2

Best Indian Car 2016 - Part 2

Which car shall I buy? This is the most common question for any car buyer hunting a new car of a particular segment. What we see or read are suggestions based on detailed comparisons of products falling into the same category. As for the comparisons they are getting tougher every day because every manufacturer is trying to deliver their best. What if answer can be made simple, direct and in one word? At factincept we try our best to keep things direct. We will pick only one answer without going into details and will tell directly – which car you should chose for you and your family – under various categories. We will suggest you the most suitable option based on most common parameters. It must be noted that we will only consider the top end trim to answer.

I can spend roughly 6 – 6.5 lac rupees on a car. Which is the best option for me?

Parameters used - Looks, Space inside, Comfort, Features, Handling, Boot space, Engine, Efficiency, Running cost, Value for money
Maruti Swift Exterior

Maruti Swift Petrol
Maruti Swift Interior

  • Good looks
  • Extremely comfortable front seats; rear leg room is a bit less but seats offer generous support.
  • Decently equipped with features like - two Airbags, ABS, Climate Control AC, Start/Stop Button, Bluetooth telephone, infotainment system and more
  • Superb riding dynamics and comfortable ride quality
  • A gem of 1.2L petrol engine producing 83bhp
  • Very good top end and mid-range performance
  • Fuel efficient with 20.4 kmpl claimed economy
  • Boot space is tiny but deep
  • Low on maintenance
  • A good value for money product

Maruti Swift Interior

I am a buyer of premium hatchback segment. I can spend around 7.5 lacs of rupees but I want something fancy.

Parameters used - Looks, Space inside, Comfort, Features, Handling, Boot space, Engine, Efficiency, Running cost

Maruti Baleno Exterior

Suzuki Baleno / Maruti Baleno
  • Most beautiful looking premium hatchback especially in its side profile
  • Extremely spacious and extremely comfortable
  • It has best handling dynamics and a mix of comfortable and sporty ride quality
  • Perfect steering to point the car in desired direction and most enjoyable in hilly terrains
  • Boot space is among the largest
  • 1.2L petrol engine is one of the best and delivers very good performance on road
  • 21.4 kmpl claimed fuel efficiency figure makes it generously fuel efficient for the car of its class
  • Feature loaded – Touch screen infotainment and navigation system, Apple car play, Voice commands, Auto AC, Keyless entry, follow me lamps, reverse parking sensor and camera, Auto dimming IRVMs and more

Maruti Baleno Interior

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