Youth Hugging Online Games beating the Chipko Movement

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Earlier, people stuck to the trees to save them in a popularly known, Chipko Movement but why teen-agers are sticking to online games?

This is the fact that today’s youth prefer to escape in online gaming world rather than indulging into any other silly work they feel. They think that playing a game online is a better time-pass for them rather than going for a hangout. This is not their fault, actually, the amazing world of video games like God of War, Halo, Star War and World of Warcraft are calling them to take a dip inside them and swim continuously for hours.

These games are ruling over the psychology of a teen-age mind. Online gaming can be categorized in their gaming style like, Action and adventure, strategy games, shooting games, Casino games etc. Every game affects the brain in its own way. Some may enhance mental capabilities while some may distort it. However, the most played games are of action and adventure genre that involves a teenage mind so much so that the mind starts living that character. Since being violent in its approach is the basic criteria for such games, therefore it usually affects negatively.

A violent video game is ready to increase the level of anger in your child. To check this out more than 130 studies were conducted in more than 1,50,000 houses which proves that violent online games are increasing the level of anger, aggressive and angry feelings, rough behavior with their own family members. These are also giving them a “stop” signal to help others and having a feel of empathy towards others, stated Brad Bushman.

However, at the same point a psychologist of Texas A & M University, Christopher Ferguson stated that talking about such things is absurd and of no use as it is quite common. But he has a different thinking about the same which states that it is not necessary to always think about the negative aspect of every field because playing such games are helping the youth to come up from there stress. It is actually somewhere in the midst of the term “paradigm shift”. He said that people always give thought to a single aspect of life rather they should think it differently.

A psychological Scientist at lowa State University, Douglas Gentile stated that the involvement of parents is more than necessary because they think that “we do no need to worry at all, our child is grown up now”, but if they set some specific limits on their child then use of media can be controlled to some extent.

Playing video games all the time at their homes are snatching a social interaction from them, taking them away from the society. It stops them to indulge in any societal activity, thus stagnating the social growth.

But why a child is sticking to his computer all the time? Have you ever given it a thought?

You would definitely be thinking, “Just because they love to do that, to play games all the time as this is what they excel in.” But do you really think so?

What if your child is suffering from some mental ailments? You really need to look up to these matters as Douglas mentioned that the involvement of parents is necessary. It happens that a child sometimes find a way to overcome his person problems (be it peer pressure, failing in a test or indulging in some unfair means) in these online games and shake hands to a riskier project.

But you cannot always blame the games at this part because if your child is playing a game then you need to investigate that whether he is playing for fun or to overcome his stress. As according to a study, 50% of the population of children play games that helps in increase their concentration level, proper management techniques, sharpen their memory, accuracy, quick thinking ability, finding a solution to a problem and make them smart. While 50% of the children play such games just to overcome stress which means these games are 50% riskier and 50% not.

But it is also true that an online game confuse a capable person in reality and fantasy. He might lose his own personality, his own identity and feel like being a character of a virtual online game. These games moreover create a dramatic influence on your child which can either be positive or negative, depending upon your child’s overall capability of handling a behavioral situation.

You need to do a little homework on your kids and find out the main reason that why your child is sticking more and more to such games after all you must be concerned about your child.

Just make yourself aware of all such things and make your child Safe and Smart.

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